THE VIP LOUNGE RADIO GROUP CORPORATION, was founded around two wonderful blind friends.
Friends, that want to share a vision with the world.
They have spent many countless hours on the phone just bringing up ideas to each other.
These two blind friends who talked countless hours over the phone. Said that the organization should except every walk of life…
and it does. From the blind community to the LGBTQ community also the community that does have a site we call that the cited community.
Then the organization was born.
They started to build a website.
They also set up a WhatsApp group, a Team Talk Server, and a Facebook group.
Where members could talk and get to know each other.
All these things will soon be brought to the website.
Our website THE VIP LOUNGE RADIO GROUP CORPORATION is an active development.
They also said we should provide services so that way people can be accessible more often.
Services, that includes radio broadcasting software and much more! Outings including field trips.
And more to come.
As most of its members are blind or partially sighted, accessibility here and THE VIP LOUNGE RADIO GROUP CORPORATION is the main key to success.
If it’s not accessible, then it just does not work.
These two wonderful best friends who are the founders of this group have staff to hold meetings on days when even sometimes it is not possible.
Meetings to talk about what could come up in the future for THE VIP LOUNGE RADIO GROUP CORPORATION.